Sunday, July 19, 2009

golden lights

I'd never been to Hotel Cafe. Last night I corrected this terrible mistake to see Michelle Featherstone. I'd never heard of her but her music has been used in several TV shows like One Tree Hill, so yeah, unabashed love songs of the gentle and socially acceptable strain. I prefer love songs to come equipped with razor blades and prison tats, but that's another blog altogether. Nonetheless, I was impressed with her performance. She has a really nice smoky edged voice, and quite a direct and appealing stage presence. I like this lady. She good stuff.
The great thing about Hotel Cafe is that there was a lot of space to breathe - at least there was at like 9 to 10 pm. No one's elbow is digging into your asscrack. My gin and tonic was pretty potent. The female bartender played the Smiths continuously. I could go 10 lifetimes without hearing a Smiths song ever again but it was surprisingly nice. Remember this tune? And yes, this is directed at you old folks.

Food seemed in order. The Bowery is always good times. I think their Caesar salad is quite delightful. I eat a Caesar salad at least once a week from Gelsons - the packaged Wolfgang Puck one which has an amazing dressing. It's dirty stanky good. This salad was nice too.

caesar salad 2
I love the juicy salty Bowery burger. With blue cheese and some sweet potato fries, I'm hard pressed to think of anything better to eat on a Saturday night after swilling down a strong gin and tonic. See how I qualified that, so I could later say there are better things to eat on a Saturday night? Despite this weaselly refusal to blanket endorse this as the best of all Saturday night meals, this burger is good shit.

Bowery in Los Angeles
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  1. One of these days I'm gonna go to a show and eat while someone entertains me. I will feel like a KING. These days I'm still opting of shows with a pit.

  2. that burger patty looks pretty swollen. is michelle featherstone better than some of the acts i see on 3rd street promenade?

  3. gas: you're pretty hard core man. i'm not as cool. the first thing i do when i step into a new venue is look for seats and if there are none, i will be bitching at least part of the time about how i wish i could sit my ass down. hehee.

    bags: it's a fat ass patty. and when you cut that bitch, it bleeds. oh yeah!

    ahh... good q. some of those 3rd st acts are pretty damn talented. there's this one chick who sings by Anthropolgie and she's kind of kick ass. but i think the diff is featherstone writes her own songs. she's good. not my total cup of tea really but soothing like camomile tea.

  4. I've only been to Hotel Cafe once but remember it semi-fondly. Haven't been to Bowery yet, but that isn't a shocker since I'm on a 4 year burger-free streak (not necessarily on purpose).

    Are you glad to know these random pieces of trivia about me that have been disguised in comment form?

  5. hey, bowery has salads and other good stuff too. you should take a gander if you're ever at the arclight. and what's w/ the burger fast? how can you go 4 yrs accidentally not eating a burger. sometimes i'm walking down the street and a burger flies into my mouth just wham! like that. if you ever want to go to Father's Office to break the fast, hollah!

  6. given your love of burgers, i am surprised we have not hit father's office yet.

  7. clarification: i don't love burgers in general! i too rarely eat them save for veggie burgers which i hv once a month or so. i do love the burger at the bowery - and at F's office but FO is such an ordeal. i don't want to fight for my right to burger... i do want to go to the counter one day though.