Thursday, August 6, 2009

Delicious It Must Be

I used to eat at M Cafe de Chaya on the regular. When it first opened, macrobiotic food seemed glamorous like its most famous acolyte, Gwyneth Paltrow herself. I quickly learned, however, the similarities didn't end there. M Cafe was expensive, annoying and somewhat blandish. But it was still talented, sort of delightful, and worth patronizing. The major rupture between me and M Cafe was the stupid parking situation (at the Melrose location), but more so, it was the wholesale invasion of Whole Foods onto Fairfax and 3rd Street. Whole Foods was cheaper, had great prepared foods and plenty o' parking. But M Cafe and I go back further, so for old times' sake, I sometimes pay homage to our once great bonds of eatership. Look at them beans. Don't it make you drool?

Yum. Yum.
prep foods
I always have to get an inari. They're so fat and complacent. I love that about them.
sushi 2
I got the lotus root and decapitated it in the car. Thing didn't stand a chance. It was lemony good.
sushi 1
The desserts are overpriced which is what the korean women behind me in line were saying. They also kept saying, "mashee get-dah". A literal translation of this is, "delicious it must be". Decoding the Yoda like and biblical tones imparted by the verb tense reversal, it means, "looks delish." They said it about everything. And they called the nut bar, "pecan pie" but with an accent, so "pickon-paie". Koreans. Made from the best stuff on earth.
m cafe desserts
My favorite is the seitan bowl. It can't be healthy for you given that it's fried, topped with some kind of thick sweet sauce and contains a really large serving of brown rice. Nonetheless, you can rest assured, it's from a healthy kitchen so it's healthy by association.
seitan bowl
The best part of the M Cafe Melrose location is the near proximity of Pinkberry. If you don't get a pinkberry on your way out, you're some kind of android clearly.
pinkberry fruits
I think this is the prettiest Pinkberry and believe me, I been to many of 'em.
pinkberry int
I had a coupon for a free parfait courtesy of Sinosoul and his mysterious largesse - I should say largeass because he pretty much accused me of packing same myself simply for chowing on a slice of vegan pizza, mowing down an Indonesian buffet meal and chugging a large tea within like 3 hours and more recently for wanting an ice cream after a 4 stop Thai town crawl - but I don't want to start a flame war with a Taiwanese. I'll just say konichiwa. Oh, that means "good afternoon"? In japanese? That works.
So, yeah, tasty, but to quote Amy of Roaming Belly, a parfait is a "fat move". Who needs all that granola with their froyo? Unless you're a Romanian weightlifter or aspire to look like one, sticking to regular froyo may be a better call. I'm a Romanian weightlifter and I aspire to look like one, so I'm doubly immune to this Code of Hammurabi. Don't worry. I find you loophole too so you can partake of the parfait. We Romanian-Koreans are crafty.

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M Cafe de Chaya in Los Angeles


  1. Seitan? Inari? I think we might be soul mates! I've never eaten at M Cafe, but the offerings remind me of Japanese Deli called Delica rf-1 in the Ferry Building in SF. Have you been?

  2. Eating at M Cafe makes me feel thin.

    Too bad it's just a feeling.

  3. i still need to try satan...i mean seitan.

  4. I think "Koreans. Made from the best stuff on earth" should be the new Korean tourism slogan. Can't you talk to someone about that? Since you're Korean and everything?

  5. a.) you were at my second home and didn't tell me??
    b.) Koreans are my fave.
    c.) I'll prove it to you if I can convince the other 10% of you to come festical crashing on sat

  6. d.) and by festical i mean festival.
    e.) festical is funny though cause it rhymes with testical.

  7. gastronub: i have not had the pleasure no but i loves the ferry building. in fact, loves san francisco and fried calimari and fisherman's wharf and moma and chinatown and crazy hills/hippies!!!!

    weezer: yeah, i think that's their evil ploy. i also feel quite svelte while i'm downing their deep fried battered seitan and their huge slabs of carrot cake. evil.

    bags: you've never tried satan? well, that's cuz it'd be cannibalism bc you ARE satan. sorry.

    delish: i've contacted the embassy, the consulate and kim jong il. he says rip off of snapple tagline warrants 12 yrs hard labor. thanks for the suggestion. someone call al gore.

    harb: a) i had a 1 in 3 chance of seeing you there so i left it in god's hands; b) we're everyone's faves; c)10% of me is weakening; d) i know; e) i love festical and that's what i will call all festicals from now on. the coachella music festical, the .... hmm i don't know any other festicals. damn.

  8. I loveth the M Cafe even if the prices do injure my soul and I have to endure LA types while I nosh on my kale and tempeh.

    It's all very cleanse-approved.

    The granola parfait, however, is not.

  9. Di: I saw Camille Belle at M Cafe once. It was kind of exciting. Yeah, the granola parfait was all kinds of wrong esp. paired w/ a big carby meal but hey every cleanse needs a little dirtying up once in a while. ; )

  10. I dirtied myself up at Mashti Malone's last night. Two big scoops of full-fat ice cream = BLISS.

    You have permission to send me dirty e-mails about Hatfield's last night.

  11. diana: i hope your email hasn't crashed w/ all the spam i sent you re; hatfields. hehe. j/k.