Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bistro LQ

Birthday time - again! - and this time, we went to Bistro LQ because it sounded cool, fun and just fancy enough to make it nice but not stuffy. We also thought it'd be fun to dress up a little and drink bubbles. Maybe even pink bubbles. Effervescent!

I loved the way Bistro LQ looks inside and out. It's nice, smallish, square with judicious use of lights. With the sea foam greenish feel, it was almost beach chic.

This guy is like yeah, beach chic, whatever. I loooove wine! Gimme some wine!
bistro rm
Jamie's flowers and festive gift.
Bistro table flrs
My amuse bouche of hamachi was smokey and delicious. A truly impressive start.
As was this uni pudding which had us all hear the ocean crashing against rocks. So evocative of the sea. A strikingly good spoonful.
A familiar friend - slices of Breadbar bread. Surely, a nice roll would be preferable?

The cheese cart looking all gorgeous and bountiful.
Headcheese. This was decent with a flakey filo crust and a mushy moist filling. I'm not a headcheese lover but so few of us are these days.
Chanterelles were simply lovely with juicy shreds of veal sweetbreads and watercress sauce.
The frog legs with violet begonia chutney was good.
frog legs
zucchini flower stuffed with dungeness crab and pistachio mousse was nice.
I ordered the monkfish cheeks with cipollini onion and artichoke confit. They were okay but a tad on the dry side.
monkfsh bttr
These scallops with hummus, sauteed foie gras and slices of raw artichoke. The foie gras was perfection and it just melted like a chip of chocolate on your tongue.

The scallop itself was just a hair overcooked but the dish was very strong and I would order this again and again.
Lamb composition is like every part of a lamb as may be in a sausage but it's not ground up, just plated together. So there was a chop, shoulder confit, kidney, sweetbread, tongue, etc. Essentially though, it was a brown mess and I didn't like this dish. Others will love it. That's how it goes.
lamb compos
I think this was a crab cake. I didn't taste it but it looks good.
crab ck
The peach composition was nice.
bday candle
This was an intriguing dessert. The shocking colors, the beautiful gut like seeds splashed onto the white plate. Visually impactful like a Roy Lichtenstein painting. Genius.
choc pistachio
These beautiful subjects did not wish to be painted today - or any other day. So camera shy.

camera shy

Although not every dish became my insta-best friend, I still really liked Bistro LQ. The appetizers are good. There's no doubt there is right thinking behind the concepts and you have the option of getting half orders of everything which is a great idea. The new fall menu is now in place and there are some very intriguing menu items which I will have to try.

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  1. So I know Bistro LQ is like sooo hot right now, but I just don't really want to go there. The food looks pretty, the ambiance sounds delightful, and I'm sure I will get sucked in at some point, but I don't know, man... I guess I'm just not feeling it! Perhaps it's the frog legs? (I'm not all that into chicken that tastes like chicken so don't see the big appeal.)

  2. I like how I can tell exactly how you feel about a resto through your words. You'd be surprised how many reviews I read where I'm left feeling clueless about the writer's sentiments! Sorry to hear Bistro LQ ain't all that and a bag o chips.

  3. Diana: I love froggy legs. There's a lot of seafood on the menu and the new fall menu has John Dory and some mussels that sound really good. It's in your hood so I'm sure you'll get round to it.

    Gastronomer: I wanted to love it and there were some really great flavors. I definitely need to go again before I say I love it or not but for now, I like it a lot and it could become a part of regular rotation. I'm excited to try new fall menu for sure.

  4. sookie you need to post more. i am resorting to reading cereal boxes.

    the dessert looks fun. was it tasty or did you borrow the shot?

  5. my goodness, if someone were to dine on my legs, they'd better eat 'em with violet begonia chutney. that crazy Lichtenstein dessert -- right on the money! great write-up, dudette.

  6. Those frog legs, urchin, and that cheese cart look so inviting. My birthday is next week, and I'm going to have to check it out. Thanks.

  7. Happy birthday Steve! Hope you like it at Bistro LQ. I have yet to go back but I will!