Monday, October 26, 2009

BoBo Sae Yo

Every Korean can sing. Don't ask me why this is. It just is. You can ask any random Korean person to sing a tune and they'll be able to tear it up. I, sadly, along with my family, are the only exception to this rule. I'm easy on the eyes (hehe! if you carry a white cane!) but hard on the ears. Hence, I can count on one hand, the number of times I've actually gone to noraebang aka karaoke. It's a bit of a tragedy because I love music more than any other art form, and I secretly love singing.

So, yeah, it was me against the music. But first, we had some dinner. Like Luciano Pavorotti, we needed to feed the instrument before bleeting it loud and strong. I'm not sure tong dak ("whole chicken") is the food of choice for musicians but we're rock n roll like that. We went to Gaam.

gaam interior

We started off with yakitori. Like jewels beaded on sticks, these jade colored asparagus bits, coral pink shrimp and sundry really delight the eye of the nutjangsah. They are fried and they are tastee, my friends. Those clever Japanese! I think yakitori is one of their greatest achievements - along with the boyfriend arm pillow of course. Yes, I'm kidding. Or am I?

gaam fried

The tong dak was even better than the yakitori. For you logicians, this means that the tong dak is even better than the boyfriend arm pillow. I jje-guh'ed (dipped) that crisp, leathern, and unfatty golden skin into the special MSG salt provided. I'm pretty sure heaven and earth collided at that moment. Try it and see for yourself.

fried chicken

I also drank a little sake. Just a tad.

gaam bar

Buddha was crying when we left but I promised we'd be back. Buddha kept carrying on. He doesn't speak konglish apparently.


We adjourned down the street to the fanciest most poshaliciious most fantasmagorical karaoke place I'd ever been to. Bobo's was like Space Mountain (dark with tiny white lights set into the walls) meets Mattahorn (white snowy like swirley walls) meets karaoke palace. I mean, c'mon it's fit for 50 cent who I heard asked Louis Vuitton for a quote to cover his walls with LV leather wallpaper. That's how you know it's new money with all the excitement that brings to a nutjangsah's heart. We caressed the LV monogrammed walls and wondered how we could replicate this look inside our office.

LV baby

We had a shot of soju for Dutch-Korean courage.


We ordered the requisite platter of fruit aka extortion fruit.


And then we were off. The songs sung that night included Eternal Flame by the Bangles, More than Words by Xtreme, Don't Look Back in Anger by Oasis, Creep by Radiohead, Paradise City by Guns n' Roses and some other Jersey tunes incomparably styled by @TheDelicious. And of course, we sang Last Christmas by WHAM. Classy. And yes, I still sucked.

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  1. Those are totally songs I'd sing at karaoke, especially Don't Look Back in Anger and Creep. I might opt for Sweet Child of Mine instead of Paradise City, though.

  2. I suck at karaoke too. Did "Livin on a Prayer" with my bro on his 30th - DISASTER. Total FAIL.

  3. Word, you've got great taste in kereoke tunes. This one time in Vietnam, I scored a 100 for my rendition of Gangsters Paradise.

    I like to sing to Alanis because her voice isn't pretty, just like mine.

  4. From the picture, that looks like Gaam... F Gaam! Their yaki plate sucked nuts, both the left and the right one. Ditto to the other half of the menu. Maybe I was too sober. That Bobo sounds like at least 2 kinds of awesome tho...

  5. guns n' roses and bangles are musties at any karaoke bar. belt it out girl, belt it out.

  6. MylastBite: I've been dreaming of that chicken skin like mad. So yummy!

    Weezer: I think Sweet Child O' Mine actually made the cut. Somehow Guns n' Roses is always appropriate. At karaoke. Not at a funeral. Please note. hehe.

    Diana: oh ohhh livin' on a prayer. take my hand. we'll make it I sweeeaarr...oh woah livin' on a prayer! LIVIN ON A PRAYYYERRRR!!! super repetitive lyrics but good.

    Maybe we form a band with target audience being deaf people. I smell millions!

    Gas: Coolio, eh? Very good choice but not everyone can lay that down. I'm impressed Cathy. We go sing together one day.

    SinoS: I love the open floor plan of Gaam and their chicken was delicious. Piping steam rose when I tore the skin off and the meat was tender and fragrant. As for Bobos- it was like 20 kinds of awesome. You must go.

    Bags: That's what I'm sayin'! Walk like an Egyptian! Manic Monday! Eternal Flame! Okay, I think those are their hits. And you don't want to encourage me to sing. Trust me. For the sake of the public weal, don't do it.