Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tender is the Night

Tender Greens is my kind of place. Good food, decent prices and a healthyish vibe. I love the Ahi Tuna salad which is my standby order. The tuna is always juicy and succulent. The salad leaves are kissed with just the right touch of oil to tartness. And the salt is justicious like a sound judge - just enough but not too much. The quail egg is appreciated as are the little tomatoes. It's a good meal.

I rarely eat red meat but I have ordered the steak plate at least twice from Tender Greens - which is a lot for me. It's that good. Juicy, rare steak with a mound of the most buttery evil mashed taters you could want and a little salad for the heck of it.


The mint lemonade is a treat to drink, as is the agua fresca which tastes just like a sugared watermelon would if you could drink it down.
Hanging about at Tender Greens for almost 2 hours leads to thoughts of dessert. Hence, carrot cake and chocolate cupcake. The carrot cake was the champ in this battle.


While loitering about, we attracted company, including this two legged friend. He was born that way but he, like Stephen Hawking, had a special wheelchair made so he could move around. Unlike Mr. Hawking, however, I don't think this dog will ever use his motorized voice to say things like "You are stupid". That's too bad.


My dog was jealous but I told him if you lose your front legs, we'll get you one of them fancy contraptions too. He looked at me like, "you are stupid."


Lazy Sundays eating tender greens and carrot cupcakes and drinking lemonade are truly priceless, especially when furry friends come visiting on their scooters.
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  1. I always mean to go here, but I can't resist Honey's Kettle.

  2. Ok the 2 legged pup looks like my Maxie!!

    (food looks awesome too!)

  3. Sook, You make me wanna get a dog. One with four legs, of course!

  4. that dog with a wheelchair is lucky (not lucky that he lost 2 front legs)but lucky that his owner cared enough that he is "comfortably mobile." there's a neighborhood dog that lost function on both hind legs but i just see him dragging them around :( it must hurt :( he needs a scooter too :(

  5. I have a tender place in my heart for carrot cake. Get it... tender?

    Har har har. I cracketh myself up.

  6. i <3 your blogs =)

  7. weezer: I want to go to Honey's Kettle! But that's in Culver City. I was in the WeHo outpost of Tender Greens. They be multiplying girl.

  8. My last bite: Except Maxie has 4 legs I bet! hehehe.I love chihuahuas. My childhood dogs were all chih. mixes. They fit well under my arm and on my lap where I tickles them.

  9. Gastronome: You must get a fur companion. They are the most delightful creatures on earth! Esp. in the AM when they clickity clack around the house trying to wake you up.

  10. Bags: You're killing me w. your sad ass stories. Geez. That is horrible. Someone make that dog a wheelchair stat.

    Diana: I just tenderly groaned. Get it? Tender-ly groaned? hehe.

    Anonymous: unmask yourself anonymous! Who you be? Thank you kindly unknown friend. Keep on reading. One day, I may know thy name.

  11. Uhm. when are we gonna do doggy play date? seriously? They're SO fun. Just leave the salads out, cuz I can make my own.