Monday, December 7, 2009

eat my blog bake sale: the day of the earth stood still

As you all know by now, Eat My Blog was a tremendous success and raised over $3,000 for LA Regional Food Bank. Not one cake, cookie, pie or tartlet was left unsold. The crumbs themselves were carried off by ants and no trace remains of any of the goodies that made up the sale. Once a total victory is gained, it seems like it was fate but the credit for getting the word out on the street and lining up sponsors belongs to the Eat My Blog committee of gastronomyblog, DianaTakesaBite, DeliciousComa and G-Ma's Bakery.

In contrast, my efforts to spread the word pretty much backfired. For example, I started a Yelp Talk thread about Eat My Blog titled: "Who's taking one for the team and adding a muffin to their muffin top at EatMyBlog?"

My conversational bids were soundly rejected by such yelpers as Nate M:
sook w. says:The excitement in the air is palpable. Who can sleep when there's a bake sale the next day? I know I can't. Thank God for insomnia meds. Thank God.
Nate "I blame public transportation" M. says: No sure those are the meds you should be taking.

Everyone's a comedienne. But not everyone's a baker. The night that my thread topic died on the vine, I raced home and put on my favorite thermal shirt with pockets in the front and I defrosted hamburgers that my mom made for me because my friend and I are cheap bastards and we didn't want to buy dinner that night. Unfortunately, it takes up 100% of my brain cells to just bake so trying to multi-task by frying up some meat patties and making a salad nearly short-circuited project New York Times chocolate chip cookies. All those reports of humans using only 10% of our brains are wrong. I can verify this. Just hook up some electrodes to my brain scientist and you'll see.

So, first, I took my bags of cookie dough from the fridge where they had been defrosting all day and placed them on the counter.
chips in bag

I then tore parchment paper and lined them on my two cookie sheets. I got out my new ice cream scooper that I purchased in New Orleans with a fleur de lis on the handle and got to scooping. After scooping out perfectly round balls of cookie dough studded with large dark disck/chips I sprinkled sea salt onto my palm and rolled the ball around in them. No. I didn't wear gloves. Yes, my hands were clean. No. I didn't lick or scratch under my armpit at any time during this operation. Yes, I wanted to do both at various times.

So, I baked the mofos in between frying up my burgers and told my friend that he wasn't getting a slice of cheese on top of his burger because I'm baking!!!! Can't you see I'm baking!!!! He didn't ask for a slice of cheese but I thought it best to let him know in no uncertain terms that cheese was not being sliced nor draped on a burger patty by kitchen martyr number one, aka myself. My dog Cooper looked at me reproachfully. I kept on transferring monster cookies to the cooling sheet.

The total cookie count came to 36 but my friend ate two and I ate two so the grand total for you mathologists was 32 cookies. It was only when I was eating my second cookie (500 calories each people) that I realized that I had gone way overboard with the sea salt. It was like drinking salt water. But it was also too late. I didn't have time to re-make a 36 hour cookie and besides which the other cookie I ate was fine and my friend assured me his two cookies were optimally salty (but his palate I must own is blinded by loyalty to the products of my hand so I couldn't be sure whether he was right or not). Tragedy. I pictured people clutching their throats screaming "agua! Dios mio agua!!!" while falling to the floor as I watched them helplessly. With images like this in my 100% working brain, I forgot to take a picture of the cookies - which looked totally beautiful - at least in the eyes of their creator.

We drove to Diana's home and dropped off the salt bombs in their innocuous waxed paper packages and hoped for the best.

The next day we went to the bake sale walking the 1.9 miles with my dog Cooper who loves bake sales and meeting new people.
A lot of the goodies had already sold out when we arrived which was a little after 11 a.m. The bacon apple pie was gone, as was DeliciousComa's black sesame cupcakes with green tea frosting. However, there were still goodies to be had. I was delighted by the beautiful presentation of the treats.
dessert pizza
I don't know how Jo made the EatMyBlog logo for her label but it was beautiful.
bacon wrapped
Delicious Coma, Glutster and Mattatouille hawking the baked goods.
gluts delishcoma mattat
GastronomyBlog and Glutster going about their beeswax with little smiles on their faces.
gast and gluts
I saw so many bloggers at Eat My Blog. SamKimSamKim had a box that he claimed he would try to eat in one sitting. I saw Pam of RantsandCraves with her box. Jo of MyLastBite and her husband were there spreading cheer as was Ravenous Couple who I finally met having enjoyed their blog for several months. I also ran into Estarla and met DianaTakesaBite's nice parents, and I had lunch with VeryMarie, EatSipChew, RoamingBelly and Hahnonymous who all either bought or baked for the event.

The treats I bought totaled $23, and so far, everything has been delicious. (I've hyperlinked the recipes whenever available, so you can make them at home and see for yourself.) I simply loved the mochi truffle balls by Ravenous Couple and the caramel popcorn with figs by EatSipChew. The bacon wrapped breadstick by MyLastBite was heartily enjoyed by all four people who I split it with. I'm definitely making it at home. Diana's carrot cake cookie was just yummy and such a great idea. My friend ate Diana's peanut butter paisley brownie but the bite I had was also really good. Mattatouille's butterscotch budino was delicious and I ate it all on the same day that I ate foodlibrarian's chocolate cinnamon bundt cake with valhrona crunchies (delicious and oh so beautiful) and roaming belly's yummy rum cake (moist and generous on the rum). My friend ate gastronomyblog's apricot rosemary bar but I snuck a bite and it was wonderfully fragrant and sophisticated. My friend also ate DeliciousComa's spricot cranberry tart but I had a bite and it was one of my favorites. So, yeah, for those keeping track, I ate like $23 worth of pastries in two days but hey, I'm going to run, hike and do high jumps so it's all good and it was all for a good cause so no regrets.

Based on the rip roaring success of EatMyBlog, it looks like this will be a repeat event. If you didn't make it out this time (I'm looking at you Nate M), for sure you should go next time and bring a satchel and a couple tupperware boxes like I did. Walking home from the bake sale I was filled with a good feeling. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves at the bake sale. I know I did.


  1. awesome recap... so glad to finally meet you, your friend and cooper! you'll have to make those cookies again for next time!

  2. I'm so happy to hear that the rosemary apricot bar tasted good -- from the pic, it looks mutilated ;-)

    THANK YOU for starting a Yelp thread, baking up a storm, and bringing the boy and the dog to the sale. You rule!

  3. Next time I'll be sure to save a sesame cupcake for you. I'm glad the tart was good!

    Thanks for attempting to rally the Yelping hoards. I guess they're like cats; you can't herd them. Even with a cute dog.

  4. haha sookie. can't believe you forayed into the yelp boards. yous a good woman. i ate 100% of your cookie and it was delicious and even though charlie looked at me with sad sad eyes wanting a bite, i said "no charlie, chocolate kills" and then kept eating it. it was yum. good job!

    doggy play date!!! cooper is such a kind-faced dog. he's adorable. he needs to teach charlie how to pee correctly.

  5. Ravenous Couple: It was great meeting you guys! We loved your mochi balls. Sooo delicious and such a romantic story behind them. Cooper was touched. ; ). Hope to see you at the next bake sale!

    Gastronomer: Thanks for organizing the bake sale Cathy. It was so much fun and I loved baking up a storm. I think your bar looks lovely and taste trumps looks anyhows in my book.

    DeliciousComa: I was super looking forward to the cupcake but I may be bold enough to try baking them my own self. The tart was yummy and so cute. I love little individual desserts except when someone else eats them. :(

    bags: Charlie is adorable. And I read that dogs sometimes take a year or more to pee "correctly" so I wouldn't worry about it. Cooper would love doggy play date even tho' he's a senior citizen. He has to get his teeth fixed first but after that they should play. So glad you liked the coookieee!! ; )