Saturday, June 5, 2010

Where on Earth is Korean Carmen Sandiego?

Where have I been? I've been pursuing my hand modeling career. I took some head shots for my hands. They came out real good.

I haven't heard from Palmolive yet, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time. (Beautiful) fingers crossed! Break a nail!

Anyhoos, there's been a flurry of activity in the snowglobe of my life. Let's catch up, shall we?

First, there was my friend Soojin's birthday. That was way back in the day. We had Gyenari and it was deeelicious! I was shocked. In a good way. I particularly enjoyed it because I was in charge of the grilling. The chopsticks were in my hands and yes, I used them to great effect. Some other hand models wouldn't take such risks with their money makers but I'm crazy like that. That's what sets me apart. That and my homely hands. Haha.

I love this back wall here. Nice, huh?

gyenari backwall

We ordered the samarai or the geisha off her diet or was it the big kahuna? Whatever it was called, it came with some different cuts of meat and they were all quite pleasing to this palate.

gyenari meats

The seafood that came grilled to the table was dry like James Bond's martini.

gyenari seafood

The banchan was seriously good.

gyenari banchan

And of course I loved these glasses - as well as its contents. I think MOMA sold them back in the day. Now, you can just go to Gyenari and gently place one in your purse. Just kidding.

gyenari cocktails

The desserts were cheesecake factory-ish. Yes, I ate them. Your interrogation techniques are most impressive.

As a hard kore korean, I swanned into this Gyenari situation with a smidge of attitude. As I unpacked my personal chopsticks from my traditional husk woven purse and smoothed the front of my han bok and straightened the jade hair piece holding my lacquered bun in place while sneering at all the white devils around me, I was certain, it couldn't be good. Well, Gyenari, I was wrong. I stepped out of there in my traditional rubber shoes and itchy boxer style drawers thinking, man, that was good stuff. Except I thought it in old Korean dialect. You sons of dogs aka gae sakees!
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  1. S'about time you wrote a post! I thought you'd been kidnapped by some ZZ Top hoes or something! :)

  2. I hope you don't sneer at Greek devils, especially with the fingernail tattering I got going on. Welcome back! Opa!

  3. Missed you, Sookie!! I like Gyenari too ;-)

  4. I actually liked Gyenari quite a bit too! It was a great first KBBQ experience to ease me in. Really liked the japchae that everybody else thought was too sweet.

    I wave my grubby nails in their general direction.

    Glad to have you back in blogging action. :)

  5. hey you're back!

    this post makes me want to get kbbq tonight. ugh. bad. for. thighs.

  6. So you're telling us you only ate once in 3 months. I believe you!

  7. Weezer: raise the roof girl! I'm still here!

    DailyG: I wish! When they come get me, I'll swing by your workplace so you can get a free mini-skirt and pastel pumps too.

    B'anaWonder: We do not sneer at Greek devils esp. ones that were college athletes. We know better!

    Gastronomer: Thanks G! I knew you had good taste.

    Diana: I'm glad you eased into k-food. It can be a rude food so good to slowly dip into it like a hot tub time machine.

    Bags: I'm back jack! I hope you got the kbbq. I'm sure it's not bad for thighs. It's good for the soul tho!

    Marie: She's alive! Weird science. The blogging ... well, we'll try. ; )

    Sino: yessir. One time. As Bob Marley sang in no woman no cry. Okay, maybe twice.