Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Here Comes the Fried

The woman cries before the wedding. The man after. So goes an old Polish saying. By a man whose wife probably beat the snausages outta him after she caught wind of his witticisms.

Well, last month, our friends flew in from Virginia to get married here in Los Anglelees as Angelica Houstan said in The Grifters. Straight off the tarmack, the betrothed had a hankering for spam because it's a romantic meat for Koreans. It's our version of lobster or Florentine steak for two. When you're married and have kids, you eat spam. It's just a very evocative can of worms that spam. We went to Rutts. I tasted my very first spam masubi and my very first plate of Hawaiian food. Sort of.
spam masubi

The masubi looked like a Rothko and it tasted like a giant kimbap sans veggies. For breakfast, I had the char sui and the french toast. The dry beef jerkyish char sui really hit the spot with a bit of my homegirl sriracha. The french toast kind of scared me. Not like a ghost story but in that moist eggy way that french toast has of creeping you out sometimes.

cin toast

My friend got the loco moco. It lives up to its name, no? I like how Rutts serves its food on like corning ware. The only other appropriate choice would be aluminum trays like they use in prison. Hehe.
loco moco

A spell later, three of us repaired sans the spam crossed lovers to the Hungry Cat. We started off with bloody marys. They had a furry texture of a V-8 or a velour Elvis painting. Mary quite contrary. The celery look like joshua trees or desert cacti, don't they? No thorns ma.
bloody marys
I love Luke's lemonade and oysters and fries. It's the best three things you can have on a sunny afternoon. Or even a gloomy one. Or at night. Or you know. Whenever.
lukes limonade
Don't these olives look like they're bobbing in a swimming pool? No?
I got a new camera. Fries, I tried to make you look good. Cover fry. That's right.
I'm not sure what kind of oysters these were. I do think, however, that someone should make a clock that instead of numbers have oysters. Large ones, small ones, etc. The hands of the clock could be oyster forks. I'd buy one. Maybe two. Wrap one up and put it under your tree. You're excited huh? Well, they don't exist. Not yet. Keep checking your tree though. It could happen.

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  1. I have missed your poetry, Sook. I hope this means you're back to blogging!

  2. the oyster clock is brilliant! they should also have a casino with an oyster theme. get it? oyster casino? where all blackjack and poker tables are in the shape of oyster shells. and the cocktail (sauce) waitresses would wear... well, nothing.

    you listening, vegas?