Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Parks Life

It was my brother's birthday. We went to Park's in commemoration thereof.

Liberace and his technicolor dreamshirt came along too. I'm just kidding. That's my yo yo ma ma. Look how her chopsticks have been unshucked from their corn husks and ready to go. She's quick on the draw after all these years.

We got some "gotsal". I asked my mom what that meant in English. She said "I dunno." This is why wikipedia and the like were invented. Because we don't none of us know nothing. My mother did recognize some of the "celebrity" photos lining the walls of Park's. She knows things. Just not her meats.

Chopsticks move fast. Meat not burn. Kung-fucius say.
I made a saam(ie). Koreans invented the no carb wrap. We also invented... rice. Okay maybe we didn't invent rice. But we sure act like we did.

This was some buttery melt in your mouth not on your chopstick "gotsal". With the salty wu tang klan of fermented bean paste, a little traditional korean jalepeno and a bit of lettuce to hold it all together, I gotta say, that's what a shamburger's all about.

This is the wagyu ribeye. I think. Unless wagyu ribeye means something else in Korean. They kind of look like scabs don't they?

Step 1: Place rice wrapper on plate, top with pickled turnip slice, top with meat...
kobe saam
Dallop of Korean Daisy aka dengjang, garnish with pepper slices. Attempt to eat entire thing in one bite. Choke like Mama Cass. But live to blog about it.
kobe saam 2
Oh you thought that was it? Me too. Nope. Marinated pork belly.
pork belly
The waitress came and snipped those slices up with her kitchen shears. I worry about carpel tunnel for these Korean waitresses. They wield the scissors with authority.
pork belly chopped
Oh you think that's it? Well, it is actually but what more could we have had? We put on our capes and flew home. True story.
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  1. That is some serious meat. Whatever you do, do not show Quarry girl this!

  2. I'd like to pose this quarry - will you take me with you next time? I can pretend like I invented rice. I did invent quinoa, after all.

  3. still haven't been here...though i hear it's bomb diggity. i like that you guys fly.

  4. ooh, going to park's this weekend!

  5. The streets of heaven are lined with that marinated pork belly...