Wednesday, October 6, 2010

XIV Candles

XIV has a beautiful bar. It's decidedly feminine with the light glowing from each bottle of liquor like perfume bottles in amber, sapphire and jewel tones. It's the kind of bar you should retire to after a long day to replenish your stores for the next day. It's the perfect bar to kick off a birthday dinner.

bar xiv

The cocktails are swish. And they taste as crisp and clean as they look.


Martini(not for weenies).

xiv cocktails

White grapefruit cosmo(naut). Fancy chicken nugs. Vadouvan and all that.


Bramble (on). Delectscious. As it should be as all these drinks are $14 each, I guess in honor of xiv. I mean, if the drinks were 9.99 then the restaurant should be called ix.ixix or is that ix.cmvix? I never took Latin so I dunno.

honey and yummy

This is the most delicious freebie carb going. The honey curry yogurt is paradigm shifting to unearth a 90's -ism. If you attack it vigorously, they'll bring you more. No questions asked. Like a bad bear at the zoo, they keep feeding you. It's great here at Camp XIV. Lottsa free bread. No mosquitos.


The wonderful som at XIV recommended this bottle of magic potion no. 9 to us. I forget how he sold it but I'm sure it was a good song he sung. His twitter avatar is Capt. Haddock. Nuff said. Blistering barnacles.

These fries are almost as good as reading a Tin Tin for the very first time. Almost.
This hamachi sashimi was crazy. It had fish sauce jello and some type of uh powder. Yeyo. I dunno about this character. He's a weird one boss. I thought I liked it but now I'm not too sure.
My charming dining companions had been ridiculing men's fixation on red meat only to have two of them order the ribeye. The irony.
Lambsicles. Lucious.
jidori spaetzle
My spaetzle made me rethink some of my assumptions about the Germanic peoples and their contribution to cookery. It was like a Das Boot in starch form. That good.
bday cakes
It was Jamie's xiv-th birthday. This was her great reenactment of her birthday wish candle blowing moment. May your bday wishes all be granted in spades.

I had a cup of birthday coffee with the grown-ups now that I've decided I'm not caffeine sensitive. Like the Elephant Man wanted nothing more than to sleep supine on a pillow, I've longed for nothing more than a cup of coffee at the end of a meal. And now I can have one suckers. Hehe. So when I die of caffein poisoning like the Elephant Man died after trying to put his 3000 pound noggin on a pillow, you'll know it was worth it.
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  1. Whaaaa... not a kobe burger slider in sight?!?! Maybe because I ate them all.

    But good to see you have graduated to the world of the caffeinated. Hang on tight, sometimes it's a bumpy ride. Especially when I'm driving with my jittery knuckled man hands.



  3. Das Boot! Duetschland uberales! (jk about that last part). Glad you are back and blogging up a mad storm. I am with you on the not for weenie martini. And yeah, I'd come to that zoo any day. It'd be an upgrade from my farm animal status anyway.

  4. Diana: we do love the burgers. And the caffeine. I'm going to graduate to Rock Star and other scary metal canned drinks. Then we drive bumper cars on the pier. Deal?

    Weezer: She is fairly awesome. True. ; )

    Madwino: Prego.

    Anna A:California Uber Alles. Except you're one of them Snoregonians now. We lost another one to the mists of the Pac NW. That's okay. You come visit. We like farm animals.

  5. Sookie, you crack me up long time.

  6. i love sitting out on their patio, apparently they have HH from 7-10pm thur-sat! definitely more affordable then :)

  7. Gastro: that's what i like to hear mrs. vern.

    stuffycheeky: I've never ventured forth on their patio nor had their HH. I must go. Imejetly!

  8. Pictures of chips (fries!) in cups and using the word "supine" in a sentence. I like it, I like it a lot.