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Saturday, October 1, 2011

JG Not To Be Confused With Jay-Z

Where's Korean Waldo? Well, if you can read, dumbkoff, it says Wall Street. Duh.

So, yeah, we were in New Yorke. Other than dancing on that bus with Kim and Kourtney and seeing one of those mythical rats as big as cats, I really wanted to eat a posh lunch in NY. It was either 11 Madison Ave or Jean Georges. We reached that fancy fork in the proverbial lunch line, we took the road more traveled and that has made all le difference! We read Weezermonkey's review and it was the tipping point for me.

Viva JG, the other Jigga-man.

We made a ressie via Open Table. It wasn't hard. When we got there, there were two archetypal NY ladies in their 70's in posh skirt suits, hair salon hair and Wellington boots being fussed over by the hostess who collected their umbrellas. I liked to imagine their driver was going to take them to their penthouse overlooking Central Park and they'd walk into their homes greeted by a fluffy Siamese cat and a devoted housekeeper. We checked in our tourist umbrellas and were seated promptly.

For lunch, men don't have to wear jackets but jeans and sneakers are verboten. Looking around though, it was a very lax business casual situation going on. It was a rainy day so lots of folks were sitting around in their coats looking sort of frumpy McFrumpster. We had a late reservation for like 1 or 2 so maybe the snappy McSnappys were in earlier.

But I kinda doubt that because some of the older gents were wearing sneakers. So, this could mean that you can get away with sneakers for lunch if you're over, say, 55 years of age or it could mean that when it rains, the sneaker rule is temporarily stricken from the books.

I do think it is a hardship for tourists to have to pack a pair of dress shoes just to dine in, particularly for a lunch, as New York is obviously a walking city but that's what we had to do.

There's a lot of waitstaff. So much so I could not take a picture of the large window
without they all up in the frame. I should photoshop their asses. The service, though, was attentive and just about perfect.

Our table was round like my head.

This four top to my 1:00 were foreigner tourists. I think they were German or Slavic, full of questions and with a limited grasp of English. Instead of lengthy preludes to dishes like "charred corn ravioli with basil fondue", they got the pidgin English: "pasta with corn". I shit you not. It was supremely hilarious because we got the fully embroidered triple crown monty and they got the straight dope. "Pasta with corn". "Fish with sauce". And in loud voice like they could be deaf. It was exactly the right thing to do but it makes you realize how much the flowery recitation sets up one's own expectations and reinforces the narrative of "fancy feast".

This was the amuse bouche. I'm gonna give you the straight dope too. Miso soup, watermelon with blue cheese, cucumber with hat.

I had lots of space. I liked.

So, lunch is $38 for two dishes and $16 for each additional dish. That's for each person. There's also a surcharge on some dishes. Like the sea scallops, caramelized cauliflower, emulsion. This was good.

This sea trout sashimi, crispy trout skin, roe, dill and lemon horseradish tasted just like it looked and sounded. It felt like an aquatic situation writ large. Lemony, acidic waves, salty bursting bubbles, the flash of salmon skin, this had it all. Get two orders.

The bruleed foie gras was almost as fantastic and I don't like FG.

The corn with pasta was good. And so pretty.

Foie gras, walk with me.

Jammy. Candy topped.

Tenderloin. Really nice.

This was another heart breaker. Parmesan crusted confit leg of chicken, artichoke, basil & lemon butter aka "chicken with sauce". The tender golden buttery nature of the jumbo artichoke logs in the lemony butter and the tangy crispy chewiness of the parmesan "skin" and the rich juicy dark meat. Yeah, this was le business.

Our coat check chip.

The little bouquet on our table.

Our salt spoon.

cheap ass sugar sacks

Sorbet and peach tart.

Desserts galores.

Free chocolates. I wouldn't mind if they secretly replaced these with See's. Know what I'm sayin?

Lavender macarons. If you're into detergent and lotion flavors, this is right up your alley. You stray mangy cat you...

Jar o' marshmallows. Free.


The chocolate cake was the shizz. Everything else was good too.

Maybe JG should get a little mushroom for this terrarium. Very nice ones are available at Etsy.
This is the other room. It seems more business lunch-ish.

We stumbled out. About 2 hour later.

It was a splendid lunch. A lunch unlike lunch as it is generally known. A lunch to remember and think back on with a warm happy glow. "PASTA WITH CORN!"
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